Instructional Technology


Mika and Teena are dedicated ITCs for HHS. They work collaboratively to support all HHS faculty and staff. For faster service email [email protected]. Mika and Teena both have access to this email, ensuring that one of them will be able to help you in a timely manner.

Tamika Davis

Mika Davis
[email protected]

Mika Davis, MLS MS

Mika is passionate about helping faculty integrate High Impact Practices and Digital Competencies into their curriculum. From Adaptive Learning to course design, she will help you thoughtfully integrate technology that enhances the teaching and learning process.

Visit the Course Prep Guide to discover new ideas on how to use UNCG learning technologies in your course.

Teena Martin

Teena Martin
[email protected]

Teena Martin, M.Ed

Teena loves to integrate traditional and innovative practices. She works with faculty and staff to find the best tools for the job at hand, and to use the tools available effectively. Teena believes that learning of any kind (including student learning and professional development) should be meaningful and engaging. She is a big fan of makerspaces and making activities in the classroom.

She holds a BA in Special Education from High Point University and a M.ED in Instructional Technology from East Carolina University. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Educational Studies at UNCG, with a focus on instructional technology and making in the classroom.