UNCG provides several ways for a student to address complaints and grievances. Please express your concerns as soon as possible after the event occurs. Some procedures have specific deadlines for filing grievances or complaints.

Follow this process if you have a complaint:

  1. Students are encouraged to seek an informal resolution of their complaint directly with the faculty member or individual(s) involved. If you are not satisfied with the resolution, you may also discuss your complaint with your advisor, your department chair, or your dean in HHS. Often a complaint can be resolved in this manner. 
  2. If your complaint is not resolved after discussing with the faculty member(s) and their immediate supervisor (department chair or program director), students are advised to contact the Dean of Students Office for advice on which Student Grievance and Appeals Policies and Procedures to follow. The Dean of Students Office will investigate the matter and will work with you toward a resolution of your complaint.
  3. If you have questions about the UNCG or the HHS policy regarding complaints, please contact the dean’s office at hhs@uncg.edu. Thank you.

Final grade appeals: download and complete the Student Request Form for Appeal of Final Course Grade. The University Grade appeal policy is found in the Undergraduate Bulletin.