NameUNCG Class(es) OfSchool of HHS Department
Brenda Burgin Ross1974, 2008Nutrition, Gerontology
Killion Webster2021Nutrition
Wayne A Foster2001Human Development & Family Studies
Judy Penny1970, 1974, 1989Human Development & Family Studies
Kimmie Nauman2019Human Development & Family Studies
Monique Floyd2011, 2013Community & Therapeutic Recreation
Sherrell Gales2016Community & Therapeutic Recreation
Holli Ward2007Gerontology, Social Work
Christine Zecca2017, 2019Nutrition, Gerontology
Ellie Harduk2019Kinesiology
Erin Reifsteck2011, 2014Kinesiology
Jaren Doby2007, 2012Social Work
Leroy Wilson2016Social Work
Lisa Fox-Thomas1998Communication & Sciences Disorders
Sarah Hopkins1994, 1996Communication & Sciences Disorders
Mary McGuire2014Public Health
Deirdre Moyer2004Public Health
Elizabeth Lackey2008Peace & Conflict Studies

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