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Workload and Annual Review

Calendars for Timelines and Due Dates

HHS Faculty Assembly Executive Committee

Chair: Aaron Terranova (KIN)
Parliamentarian: Danielle Crosby (HDFS)
Members: Kathryn Aldridge (HDFS), Laurie Allen (NTR), Emily Hamuka (CSD), Justin Harmon (CTR), Larissa Witmer, Ex-officio (HHS)
(see HHS Standing Committees here)

HHS Minimum Class Enrollment Policy

Minimum class sizes will be implemented in HHS as follows :

  • Graduate classes must have at least 5 students enrolled,
  • 500-level classes must have at least 10 students enrolled, and
  • Undergraduate classes must have at least 15 students enrolled.

By May 15 each year, Chairs will receive a list of low enrolled courses for Fall. They will work with faculty to determine whether a class should be cancelled, or determine a strategy for reaching enrollment minimums. Final decisions about class viability will be made by July 1 for undergraduate classes and by July 15 for graduate classes. Those deemed unlikely to “make” will be cancelled unless the Dean approves an exception for extenuating circumstances. Spring classes that do not meet these minimum enrollments by November 15 will be canceled unless the Dean approves an exception for extenuating circumstances.

Department Chairs are charged with monitoring course enrollments to ensure that minimum enrollments are met*. A list of all classes that do not meet minimum enrollments will be generated at the end of the pre-registration cycle each semester (approximately May 15 for the Fall semester; November 15 for the Spring semester). When classes need to be cancelled, Chairs will reassign faculty to alternate teaching or other duties.

*Typically, all classes that are designated as IS (independent study/individualized instruction) are not included in these course minimum analyses (independent study, internship, dissertation/thesis, etc.). In addition, classes where Chairs are able to use historical data to predict those courses that typically fill late will be exempted from these deadlines. Under enrolled classes in the latter category may still be cancelled at the discretion of the Dean.