Accessible: Everyone can access info
Attractive/UX: Visually appealing and fun to use
Serviceable: Easy to modify and keep up to date
Usable: Intuitive and easy to navigate
SEO Friendly: Search engines can find your info

On average users look at your webpage for only 10-20 seconds.

Create easy-to-scan pages with  simple clear text and easy to identify links. This improves usability, accessibility and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Try to make every word count.

Avoid Welcome Messages

Everyone by default is welcome!

Important Information First

Simple Words and Tenses

When possible,  use simple words and tenses.

Clear Descriptive Headings and Subheadings (h1,h2,h3)

Headings indicate to screen readers, search engines, and regular users, the key topics  on your pages. Proper use of headings is good for accessibility and SEO.

Short Sentences and Paragraphs

Chunking Content –  The Importance of Formatting

Example: before formatting content and after formatting content

This means breaking the content into smaller more manageable readable pieces.

You can use the following strategy:

Search your text for:

Also you can add:

Example 1: This sentence can be changed to a more readable bulleted list

“The statement of purpose must be a professionally written document that is double-spaced using 12-point font, 1-inch margins, and that is a maximum of 2 pages in length.”

The same information in an easier-to-scan form:

Requirements for statement of purpose:

Example 2: This paragraph can be simplified

The XYZ minor is designed for undergraduates with any major who are interested in a career in XYZ or personally interested in the topic. This minor should be of special interest to undergraduates planning to pursue careers in the allied health fields, with businesses or non-profits providing services or products to XYZ adults and their families, or students interested in researcher in XYZ.”

The same information in an easier-to-scan form:

The XYZ minor is designed for undergraduates with any major, who are interested in a career in XYZ, or personally interested in this topic.

The minor is of special interest to undergraduates planning careers in:

Pronouns and Active Voice (with the exception of headings)


Links labels should be clear, descriptive, and easy to understand. A clear label is easier to All users, especially screenreader users. It also improves SEO.

A user should know what will happen or where they will go BEFORE  they click on a link!

File Names

Consistent human and machine readable and sensible file names.  It is  easier to find the image or document in a Google search. It is also easier for you to find your document in 2 years from now when you have forgotten what you called it!