Public Health Education Grad Motivated by Her Dreams 

Posted on May 02, 2024

Searat Khalid

Searat Khalid is a person who knows what she wants. She is graduating from the School of Health and Human Sciences with a degree in Public Health Education and a concentration in Health Studies at the age of 19. She started the program when she was 18.

Khalid has maintained a clear career trajectory for years. She has long dreamed of starting her own skincare line, comprised of acne treatment and cleansers, and expanding to hair treatment, shampoos, oils, and makeup products.

“It will give you instant glow and makes your skin feel brighter,” Khalid said, adding she wants them to be all-natural. “Made with quality, organic, herbal, and natural products. Both younger and older populations can use my products in the future.”

This motivation has propelled her to stay focused while at Southern Guilford High, enrolling in the Careers and College Promise Program at Guilford Technical Community College. She ultimately came to UNCG to help achieve her dream of becoming a dermatologist.

“I chose UNCG due to its strong public health program, esteemed faculty, and flexible online options, aligning perfectly with my goals for academic advancement,” Khalid said. “I felt connected to UNCG’s dedication to creating a warm and welcoming learning atmosphere, which created an outstanding educational environment for me.”

Although Khalid started out with in-person classes, she soon switched to the online program, as it better suited her needs and enabled her to more effectively manage her professional and academic responsibilities. She said she loved being a part of the online program at the University.

“What I loved most about my program in public health was it primarily focused on real-world applications and its goal to strengthen the communities,” she said. I was able to learn about numerous aspects of population health through my studies in public health, including epidemiology, policy on health, and advocacy.”

Khalid said her time at UNCG also shaped her as a person, helping her to be a better student.

“UNCG taught me a lot. It motivated me to stay focused, it showed me time management was key to success. It taught me effective study techniques and prioritization strategies crucial for academic success,” she said. “I learned to overcome challenges, adapt to changing circumstances, and maintain clarity of purpose.”

And although she was an online student, she remained involved in campus activities. Because she lives in High Point, Khalid was able to participate in events at UNCG, including being a member of the UNCG Pakistani Student Association and the UNCG Muslim Student Organization.

Following graduation, she will attend UNCG Charlotte this summer to begin her master’s in health administration. After obtaining her master’s degree, Khalid hopes to be accepted at Elon University, to attend the Physician Assistant Program.

Khalid said she has always been a diligent student and lives by the quote, “Seek every day as an opportunity to better yourself.” She hopes, as she walks across the stage on Friday to get her diploma, she will prove to everyone that her commitment to excellence is bringing her closer to obtaining her dreams. She will be especially proud to have her family there to cheer her on.

“I worked so hard throughout my years of high school and college, and graduating at a very young age is a big accomplishment for me,” she said.

Story by Sarah Newell