Social Work Student Passes Along Life Lessons to Help Peers

Posted on March 10, 2023

Rajendra Roopchan (second from left) speaks at a SOAR Q&A panel for new transfer students.

Rajendra Roopchan says finding someone to talk to is more important to a college student than finding someone who has all the answers.

“Having a person or a community to suggest, ‘You can do this’ or ‘These are your options’ is a phenomenal resource to have.”

While the senior completes his degree in social work from UNC Greensboro’s School of Health and Human Sciences, he’s fulfilling that need for other students through the Transfer2Transfer peer-to-peer program. It connects new transfer students to share their stories and knowledge on adapting to a different institution.

Roopchan says, “I wish at certain points in my life, I’d had someone who said, ‘Have you tried this?’ People may not know what they want, but they know where they’re trying to go. Having someone point you in the right direction is extremely important.”