Scientists Dive into Esports Athlete Health

Posted on November 18, 2022

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Esports – competitive, multiplayer video gaming with spectators – is on the rise.

To put it in perspective for the non-gamers, about 175 million people play video games in the United States alone: that’s about 33 times more than the number of Americans who play football. Now, with the global esports market predicted to reach $1 billion in revenue, U.S. esports viewer numbers climbing to 29.6 million, and cash prizes up for grabs, more and more American gamers are entering the arena.

UNCG has joined the collegiate esports movement with a new $2.4 million arena, but students aren’t the only ones in the game. Building on a strong portfolio of athlete health and wellness research, UNCG scientists are also stepping out onto the field to study gamer health and wellness.

“Collegiate esports athletes compete at a very high level that requires hours of physical, mental, and game-specific skills training,” says public health education professor David Wyrick. “This can result in pressures and environments that challenge their well-being.”