Human Development and Family Studies

School of Health and Human Sciences

Located here you will find a three-step orientation to UNCG and to our Birth through Kindergarten online degree completion program. View the first video and PowerPoint. Be sure you have secured your UNCG Student ID number and I-Spartan email address before moving to the other two presentations.

Note that the Powerpoints are narrated in VoiceThread as well as presented with notes pages for the hearing impaired and for visual learners. To advance slides on the narrated PowerPoints, use the right arrow that will appear at the bottom of your screen when the cursor is moved.

YouTube Welcome – Watch This First

Orientation Presentations

PowerPoints will only play in Mozilla or Chrome browsers.

Presentation 1- First Steps


Notes (PDF)

Presentation 2- University Services

Orientation to University Services

Notes (PDF)

Presentation 3- BK Program

Orientation to the BK program

Notes (PDF)