Human Development and Family Studies

School of Health and Human Sciences

Dr. Jonathan Tudge is studying the development of the feeling of gratitude in children and adolescents. This work builds on research being conducted in Brazil by Lia Freitas and her research group, and is being done in Greensboro by Pooja Vadehra (a doctoral student), assisted by Stephanie Blas (an undergraduate doing a research internship) and in Baroda, India, by Rachana Karnik (a doctoral student).

Dr. Fletcher is currently pursuing two lines of research that relate to development during the child and adolescent years. First, she is interested in the nature of and influences on children’s friendships as they are maintained across the multiple contexts of children’s lives including school, after-school care, neighborhood, extracurricular activities, church, friendships with children of parents own friends, and friendships with same-age relatives. Within this line of research, Dr. Fletcher utilizes hierarchical linear modeling techniques to consider the manner in which friendships emerge across different contexts and ways in which characteristics of friendships differ across contexts. Second, Dr. Fletcher is utilizing qualitative methods to consider the manner in which early adolescents utilize technology to negotiate autonomy and connectedness with respect to relationships with parents and peers.