Human Development and Family Studies

School of Health and Human Sciences

While in the role of Associate Dean for Research, I am not currently teaching courses. Below is a sample of the types of courses I typically teach.

I am accepting HDF 401 students and am happy to work with graduate students in independent study/research courses.

  • HDF 302: Infant and Child Development in the Family
  • HDF 721: Seminar in Parent Child Relations
  • HDF 667: Seminar in Infant Development
  • HDF 665 Social and Emotional Development
  • HDF 401: Special Topics.

I am always looking for motivated undergraduate students to work on my research project as independent study students. This can be done by enrolling in HDF 401: Special Problems.

You can only enroll in this course with instructor permission. This experience can be helpful if you are interested in gaining research experience prior to applying to graduate school or if you are interested in a career that involves working with parents and/or young children. This course counts toward your cognate. The tasks vary from semester to semester, so please come see me if you are interested. See a contract from a recent semester.