Center for Women's Health and Wellness

School of Health and Human Sciences

A randomized sample of undergraduate and graduate students at UNCG have been asked to participate in a pilot study in which they will be asked about theirs and their peers’ social behaviors and attitudes, including alcohol consumption and unwanted sexual experiences. The purpose of this study is to test a new survey about campus climate and related social behaviors and attitudes of college students in the United States. The survey, based on current best research practices, will eventually be offered at no cost to any campus wishing to assess its social climate.

This research is part of a collaborative effort between the Center for Women’s Health and Wellness and the Office of Student Affairs at UNCG in collaboration with universities in the around the country who are giving this same survey to their students.   Data from this study will be shared with colleagues at Georgia State University, who will coordinate data collection and conduct analyses across the different participating campuses. We will also learn about how we can improve future campus climate surveys and campus climate overall at UNCG.

More information about this and other options may be obtained from the following websites:

If you believe a crime has been committed, you are encouraged to contact the police by dialing 911 or contacting the UNCG Police directly at 336-334-4444. Your wish for confidentiality and anonymity will be protected to the extent possible.