Center for Women's Health and Wellness

School of Health and Human Sciences

Global Engagement

Dr. Paige Smith is co-coordinator of the Gender Working Group of the
World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA). She is partnering with WABA
to prepare position papers on the linkages between breastfeeding and:
birth practices, violence against women, and the status of women. With
support from WABA and with students in her Breastfeeding, Gender and
Health class she is conducing a study to identify the key elements of
a breastfeeding friendly community. For more information please
contact Paige Smith at


The Program for the Advancement of Girls and Women in Sport and Physical Activity (PAGWSPA) is collaborating with the Center for Peace, Sport and Society (CPSS) to host 12 female athlete guests from Pakistan on the UNCG campus June 20-27, 2013. CPSS works with the US State Department to host female athletes from different countries each summer through their “Empowering Women” initiative.  PAGWSPA, in collaboration with USA Field Hockey, will provide a 3-day field hockey camp for the athletes; we will also offer a 3-day USA Rugby camp.  For additional information, please contact Donna Duffy at