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Our mission is to bring about a world where adults and children, of all gender identities and expressions, are able to live safe, healthy, productive and meaningful lives at home, school, work, and in their communities. We are particularly interested in advancing the health, wellness and quality of life of girls, women and LGBTQ+ individuals.

*Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer


  1. Advance solutions to social problems, at the local, national and global levels, through research, collaboration, knowledge dissemination, community education, action, and service.
  2. Contribute to student learning and a vibrant UNCG community.

The Center’s work is organized to provide solutions to specific social problems that build on the strengths and expertise of our university, faculty, students and our partners in the community. Currently, we have initiatives that seek to advance: community responses to violence against women; safety and equity in sports and physical activity; the quality of life of working mothers, with a focus on breastfeeding; and LGBTQ+ health and wellness. Each of our programs has a program director that coordinates activity in that area:

    1. Breastfeeding and Feminism International (Program Director is Paige Hall Smith, CWHW Director and Associate Professor of Public Health Education, School of Health and Human Sciences)
    2. Program to End Gender-based Violence (Program Director is Stacy Sechrist, Senior Research Scientist for the North Carolina Network for Safe Communities)
    3. Program for the Advancement of Girls and Women in Sport and Physical Activity  (Program Director is Donna Duffy, AP Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, School of Health and Human Science)
    4. LGBTQ+ Education and Research Network (LEARN) (Coordinator is Brad Johnson, Clinical Assistant Professor, Teacher Education and Higher Education; Research Director is Roger Mills-Koonce, Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies)

We appreciate your interest in the Center for Women’s Health and Wellness at UNCG. We invite you to contact us ( or visit CWHW (see Contact and Directions).

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