Department of Peace and Conflict Studies

School of Health and Human Sciences

UNCG Student Selected as an Imagining America PAGE Fellow

Santos Flores, doctoral student in Kinesiology (with an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies at UNCG) was selected as one of ten students across the nation as a PAGE Fellow. PAGE (Publicly Active Graduate Education) is Imagining America’s (IA) network for publicly engaged graduate students in humanities, arts, and design, that enhances the praxis and pedagogy of public scholarship. Santos’s current  research interests advance youth developmental frameworks of embodied cultural arts, with critical pedagogy, community engagement and physical literacy through play and games.  His interest in International Peace Development has led him to engage research in ‘Sports Based Community Development” and Brazil’s Capoeira Angola, Post natural disaster research and Youth Development in Puerto Rico, and the intersections of TPSR (Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility) sports model and Restorative practices. Santos will also be working with ICEE Director and Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, Dr. Emily Janke this semester through scholarly projects focused on youth development, community engagement and higher education, and restorative practices