Talk to the Dean

Questions or concerns to discuss with HHS Deans?

Because of health concerns related to COVID-19, drop-in meetings will be conducted online with Zoom. For information on how UNCG faculty, staff, and students can access and use Zoom (see ITS Zoom at UNCG).

  • Contact Mary Ann Sensebaugh at to make an appointment.
  • Meeting times will be 15 min.
  • You will be invited to join a Zoom meeting at your appointment time.

All welcome!

Carl Mattacola – Dean of HHS

Fall 2020

  • Sept. 10: 1:00PM
  • Nov. 5: 12:30-2:00PM

Spring 2021

  • Jan. 7: 1:00PM
  • Mar. 10:30AM

Kathy Williams – Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

Spring 2021

  • Feb. 3: 10-11:30AM
  • Mar. 11: 2-3:00PM
  • Apr. 13: 9-10:30AM

David Demo – Associate Dean for Academic Administration

Fall 2020

  • Sept. 9: 1-2:00PM
  • Oct. 7: 1-2:00PM
  • Nov. 11: 1-2:00PM

Esther Leerkes – Associate Dean for Research