School of Health and Human Sciences

The Bachelor’s in Social Work

Our undergraduate program prepares students to become beginning level generalist social workers. This is a professional program of study which is strongly grounded for the first two years in liberal arts; the second two years focus on the professional curriculum.

The program prepares students for work with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations. Our Bachelor’s of Social Work Program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education until June 2029.

Although students may declare social work as their major, until they have applied to and been admitted by the program, they are considered a “pre-social work” major. Please see the Suggested Plan of Study (PDF).

The BSW Program requires:

  • Completion of 120 semester hours, including 43 credit hours in the major
  • Two community-based volunteer placements (in SWK215 and SWK310)
  • A two-semester Field Internship Program during which students apply theoretical knowledge and skills with diverse client groups in community social welfare and educational agencies and organizations.

Note that students must be admitted to the major in order to take the first practice class, SWK 351. The Department does not give credit for life experience or prior work experience.

Our graduates work in:

  • Government agencies,
  • Not-for-profit social service agencies,
  • Schools,
  • Health care organizations,
  • the Court systems,
  • the Military.

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And as:

  • Case managers,
  • Counselors,
  • Advocates,
  • and Community educators.

Students learn to work with:

  • Individuals,
  • Families,
  • Groups,
  • Organizations,
  • and Communities.

Our research indicates that the majority of our graduates are employed as social workers within 6 months of graduation.

Additional Educational Opportunities

Program Highlights

  • 80 percent of all graduates gain employment in the social work field within one year of graduation
  • BSW graduates are successful in being admitted to advanced standing programs at a number of nationally recognized schools of social work including Columbia University, Case Western University, the University of South Carolina, and the University of North Carolina
  • The degree program has been continuously accredited by the Council on Social Work Education since 1974
  • Student leadership opportunities are available by participating in Organizations for Social Work Students such as National Association of Social Workers Student Organization (NASW-SO) and the Phi Alpha Honor Society (see national website).

To Change your Major to Social Work

To change your major you must go to the social work office (rm 269 Stone Building) and fill out a change of major form. At that time you are considered a Pre Social Work Major, until you have applied to and been accepted into the major. Applications to the major are accepted once a year by December 7th.

More information is available on the Admission to Social Work Page. For further information, contact:

Daniel Rhodes, Ph.D., LCSW
Undergraduate Program Director
Phone: (336) 256-0363