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Licensure in School Social Work

This website is specific for social work majors who are interested in the school social work licensure process. If you are interested in becoming a social work major, please e-mail Dr. Daniel Rhodes:

Students interested in pursuing a career in school social work may apply for Licensure in School Social Work. School social work is an exciting and rewarding field of practice for those interested in working with elementary, middle, or high school level students and their families.

Much of the work in this field involves preventive or early intervention work, which often increases the success of social work services. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction requires that all social workers hired for School Social Work positions must be licensed or be eligible to sign a provisional contract for School Social Work Licensure.

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Not Approved for Licensure Only Applicants

Our social work program is not approved for licensure only applicants. We can only provide licensure to students who are currently in the BSW program. Alumni are also ineligible to return & seek this licensure.

Application Procedure

  • Professor Elizabeth Webb, Coordinator of the School Social Work Licensure Program, meets with students in the fall semester of the junior year to review application procedures answer questions.
  • BSW students who want to apply to this program should download the Handbook for School of Social Work: Undergraduate Licensure Program (PDF) which provides requirements for this program and steps to follow for the application process.
  • Application Form
  • The application must be completed by 5:00 p.m. on January 14 (eligible students must be in the spring semester of their junior year by this deadline).
  • Students accepted will have their paperwork forwarded to the UNCG Teacher Education Program and the Co-Directors of Field.
  • Placements in school settings for the senior year internship will be arranged by the Co-Directors of Field.

Questions may be directed to Professor Elizabeth Webb at