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About the Program

Social work seniors at UNCG have the opportunity to study abroad in Denmark, Belgium, or Spain through The Global Work with Immigrant Kids (GWIK) Project (see Chancellor’s Report). The GWIK Project is designed to educate new social work practitioners for work with immigrant and refugee children and families. Social work students participate in semester-long exchanges, which involves intensive language instruction, a 15-week field internship, and additional courses, including one web-based course.

Social work students apply fall semester of the junior year for study abroad fall semester of their senior year.

Study abroad opportunities with the GWIK Project

  • Plantjin (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Peter Sabroe (Asrhus, Denmark)
  • Ramom Llull (Barcelona, Spain)

Study at Plantjin and Peter Sabroe do not require prior language study. Application to Ramom Llull requires two years of Spanish before the senior year experience begins. There is financial support for some of the students who are accepted into this program for Fall 2012. This four-year project is the only grant in the United States funded by the EU—U.S. Atlantis Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) through the U.S. Department of Education. In addition to providing UNCG students with a study abroad opportunity, the project also brings students from the partner universities to study at UNCG for a semester and provides for faculty exchanges among the partner universities.

For further information contact:

Dr. Cathryne Schmitz, ACSW
Professor and Chair, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies