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Mathieu Despard published an article titled Material hardship among lower-income households: The role of liquid assets and place” in the Journal of Poverty. In this study of over 65,000 low-income households, Dr. Despard and his colleagues found that material hardship is greater in rural areas than in non-rural areas (such as cities and suburbs), but these differences disappear once you factor in financial factors such as liquid assets and homeownership.

Also, Dr. Mathieu Despard was quoted in a news article titled “Rewriting the Social Contract” in Leader’s Edge, a magazine targeting commercial insurance and employee benefits brokers.

Dr. Despard discussed an emergency assistance program for hotel workers in New Orleans during the COVID-19 pandemic and findings from a national study on the economic impacts of COVID-19 on U.S.  households in which he is a co-Principal Investigator.