School of Health and Human Sciences

BSW Program

The Department of Social Work provides an undergraduate program in social work which prepares students for beginning generalist social work practice. The undergraduate social work program is

  • a 41-hour major
  • with two community-based volunteer placements
  • and a 440-hour internship during which students apply theoretical knowledge and skills to social work practice.

We have a joint BSW field education program with NCA&TSU through which students are placed in a wide variety of practice settings to complete their internships. Our BSW Program has been continuously accredited since 1973.

Joint Masters of Social Work (JMSW) Program

The Department of Social Work implemented a collaborative graduate program in social work with North Carolina A & T State University in fall 1997. This Joint Master of Social Work Program requires completion of 60 credit hours and is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.
There are two program concentrations:

  1. advanced generalist practice with families and youth at risk
  2. and advanced generalist practice with people affected by health and mental health issues.

Each MSW student completes 1008 hours of internships in community agencies. A 36 credit hour Advanced Standing option is available for highly qualified students who have graduated from a CSWE-accredited BSW Program; these students complete a 672 hour advanced internship.


The Department of Social Work added a collaborative doctoral program in social work with North Carolina A & T State University in fall 2019. This Joint PhD in Social Work Program requires completion of 48 credit hours.

International Education Opportunities

International study opportunities are available through our relationship with:

  • the Glasgow School of Social Work at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland
  • a cultural immersion program in Costa Rica,
  • and study abroad opportunities through the Global Work with Immigrant Children Program.

Research and Scholarship

Our research is applied and aimed at understanding and solving problems in social welfare. Our work is developed in partnership with community agencies, provides opportunities for undergraduate and graduate student participation, and is published in high quality refereed journals. During 2010-2011, social work faculty received almost $400,000 in external funds. See the faculty page for information about areas of faculty research.