Student Stories

Being a woman in this field is not very common in the Middle East, but there’s a dire need for it. Women are sometimes part of vulnerable populations, and they feel more comfortable opening up to somebody who looks like them.

Christelle Barakat, Peace and Conflict Studies

I’d never been to a big University before. But as soon as I got here, it really felt like home. I was used to smaller settings and that’s exactly what the department offered in the classrooms. It was very calming and it felt like a family as soon as I walked onto campus.

Asya Settle, Human Development and Family Studies

Getting the opportunity to help someone other than yourself and developing this bond with other cultures and communities who are different from your own was really important to me.

Will Burnett, Public Health Education

If you ever feel lost, there is always a place for you to find.

Kiara Hickman, Social Work