Telecoil Appointments

Telecoil technology will improve the sound quality of your hearing aid when listening in a large room such as a theater or auditorium.

“I’m new to hearing aids and the experience has been great. The audiologists at the UNCG Speech and Hearing Center have been helpful and available!  I was excited to try out the t-coil function when I visited the Tanger Center last week—It was great! It made a clear difference in how well I could hear the presentation (it was a Bryan Series lecture).  Thanks for your help!” ~ UNCG Speech and Hearing Center patient

Contact a UNCG Audiologist for a Free Telecoil Demonstration

Contact your UNCG audiologist to schedule a free in-office demonstration of telecoil technology at the Speech and Hearing Center. Regardless of whether you are a new or established patient, we look forward to hearing from you!

Phone: 336-334-5939
Email: csd@uncg.edu
Web: Speech and Hearing Center

More About Telecoils

Many hearing devices (including hearing aids and cochlear implants) contain a small coil of copper wire called a telecoil that were originally designed to work with landline telephones. Telecoils now have other applications you may find beneficial.

For example:

  • When a venue is “looped” and you have a telecoil in your hearing device, you can switch your hearing device into the telecoil program to connect to the sound system.
  • The telecoil allows the hearing device to pick up the electromagnetic signal from the public address system.
  • As a result, your hearing device receives the sound at your prescribed volume as if the speaker was close by.

This “direct audio input” also provides increased clarity compared to listening through loudspeakers and can help overcome the effects of poor acoustics. If your hearing device has a built-in telecoil, no additional equipment is required to access a hearing loop. However, your audiologist may need to activate it for you.  For hearing devices that are not telecoil enabled, accessories are available that may provide access to telecoil.

Find Telecoil-Compatible Centers

To find out if a venue you visit is looped for sound, look for the universal blue Telecoil sign or see a list of venues in your area.

In Greensboro, there are several churches and public venues that are equipped with a telecoil.  The Tanger Center also is telecoil compliant. If your hearing aids or cochlear implants have a built-in telecoil, you can connect to the loop sound system to send sound directly to your hearing device.

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