HHS Scholarships, Fellowships, and Program Awards


Both Graduate or Undergraduate Students

    • The Susan Stout Scholarship Fund in Kinesiology
      Susan C. Stout graduated from the Woman’s College (now UNCG) with a B.S. in Physical Education in 1958. The Susan Stout Scholarship Fund was established in 1985 to assist students majoring in Physical Education.
      Eligible: With its growth, the fund now supports six undergraduate and five graduate students in 4 departments in the School of Health and Human Sciences.

Only Undergraduate Students

    • The Class of 1958/Gail Hennis Scholarship
      This award was established on behalf of the Class of 1958 through the Carson Family Scholarship Fund by Mary Miller (Bobbi) Carson in honor of Dr. Gail Hennis, Class Advisor. The scholarship is in recognition of the academic challenge and human concern Dr. Hennis willingly gave to her students.
      Eligible: Preference is given to an undergraduate entering student from Alexander Central High School in Taylorsville, NC.
    • The Class of 1959/Rosemary McGee Scholarship in Sports Medicine
      This undergraduate award was established in honor of the Physical Education Class of 1959 and their faculty advisor, Dr. Rosemary McGee. The endowment was made possible by gifts from class members and their friends and families. The class numbered thirteen students, each of whom has distinguished herself since graduating from The Woman’s College of the University of North Carolina.
    • The Betsy Umstead Undergraduate Scholarship
      This award was established in 1994 to honor Dr. Umstead on her retirement from the Department of Exercise and Sport Science (now Kinesiology). Betsy was a 1949 graduate of the Woman’s College.
      Eligible: Rising juniors or seniors in the Department of Kinesiology are eligible. Preference is given to students who plan to teach.
    • Catherine D. Ennis Undergraduate Kinesiology Scholarship
      The Catherine D. Ennis Undergraduate Kinesiology Scholarship was established in 2012 by Dr. M. JoAnne Safrit to assist Kinesiology majors who demonstrate dedication to the field, both scholastically and in practice. Dr. Safrit was a graduate of Woman’s College (’57) who spent many years as a researcher and teacher at the University of Madison-Wisconsin. Dr. Ennis graduated from UNCG in 1977 with an M.S. in Kinesiology. She was a member of the UNCG Kinesiology faculty from 2008 until her death in 2017.
      Eligible: Academically excellent junior or senior undergraduate students in the Department of Kinesiology are eligible.
    • The Carol Jean Eiserer Memorial Scholarship
      The Carol Jean Eiserer Memorial Scholarship fund was established in June 1986, in memory of Carol Jean Eiserer by her parents, Leonard A. C. Eiserer and Lorraine E. Eiserer. This fund in awarded to students in Physical Education from Montgomery County, Maryland.
      Eligible: The undergraduate scholarship is renewable up to a limit of four years, if the recipient continues to pursue a major in Physical Education (now Kinesiology) and remains in good academic standing with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
    • The Ellen Griffin “Spirit” Award in Women’s Golf
      The Ellen Griffin Fund was established in September 1988 by her friends as a memorial tribute. ‘Miss Griffin’ was a 1940 graduate of Woman’s College in Physical Education. She taught in the Department of Physical Education until 1968 and later ran her own golf teaching facility.
      Eligible: Undergraduate students in the Department of Kinesiology are eligible.
    • The Jo Anne Thorpe Scholar-Service Award
      This award was established to honor a female student who maintains an excellent academic record and also has a strong record of service, either to her department, the University or a recognized civic organization.
      Eligible: Female undergraduates majoring in Physical Education and Health Teacher Education (in the Department of Kinesiology) are eligible.
    • The Mary Channing Coleman Award
      The Mary Channing Coleman Scholarship was established in 1947 by faculty and graduates of the Department of Physical Education (now Kinesiology in the School of Health and Human Sciences) in memory of Miss Mary Channing Coleman, head of the Physical Education Department from 1920 until her death in 1947.
      Eligible: A graduating senior in kinesiology is selected to receive this award.
    • The June P. Galloway Scholarship
      June Galloway received her master’s and doctoral degrees from UNCG. She taught at UNCG from 1957-1974. While at UNCG, she served as coordinator for student teaching, coordinator of the athletic division and was the first coach for women’s basketball.
      Elibible: Rising juniors or seniors enrolled in the teacher education sequence in the Kinesiology are eligible.
    • The Rosemary McGee Scholarship
      Rosemary McGee was a faculty member in the Department of Kinesiology between 1954-1988. The award was established by Mary Miller Carson (Bobbi) to honor Dr. McGee who served as a mentor, friend, and thesis (special senior project) adviser during Ms. Carson’s undergraduate studies at UNCG.
      Eligible: Full time rising sophomores, juniors or seniors in Kinesiology are eligible.
    • The P. E. Class of ´75/Hielscher Teaching Scholarship
      The P. E. Class of ’75 Hielscher Teaching Scholarship was established in honor of the Physical Education majors of the Class of 1975 and Pat Hielscher, class advisor.
      Eligible: Scholarships benefit undergraduate students majoring in Kinesiology who plan to teach.

Only Graduate Students

    • Pearl Berlin Graduate Student Writing Award
      This award was established in 1985, to honor Dr. Berlin at her retirement. She was the first professor in Kinesiology hired specifically to develop research across the School.
      Eligible: The award is given for meritorious writing to a currently enrolled graduate student in the Department of Kinesiology.
    • The Kate R. Barrett Student Professional Development Fund
      Kate Barrett’s career while at UNCG, 1970-1997, focused on teacher education in physical education with emphasis on children’s programs and the development of skilled movement in dance, games and gymnastics.
      Eligible: This fund provides support for a graduate student to experience cutting edge professional development.