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Academic advising plays an integral role in a student’s success here at UNCG and after graduation. All students in the Department of Public Health Education are assigned a faculty adviser. The Department of Public Health Education is committed to providing quality advising to public health students; however, advising is essentially a relationship that requires both the adviser and student contribute to the advising process. While advising is necessary during registration, please remember that it is much broader than reviewing your courses.

Please review the advising syllabus to to better understand and learn more about our undergraduate advising philosophy.

Each student in the Department of Public Health Education is given access to an electronic student advising folder. The software used to contain the student folder is called BOX. Every student can access BOX by going to and logging in with UNCG email credentials. The electronic student folder created by the Department of Public Health Education is blue and titled by student name.


Click here for advising information for students newly declaring major in the Spring 2021 Semester.

Registration-related process

Current students typically need registration-related advising before the start of the next semester (1x/semester).

  • Fall Semester: mid-October to mid-November
  • Spring Semester: mid-March to mid-April

The specific registration-related advising time frame is listed on the university calendar; however, the Department of Public Health Education seeks to provide students with available registration-related appointments prior to the opening of the first registration window. This helps to facilitate a more timely registration process.

  • Each semester, public health majors will receive a reminder regarding the availability of upcoming registration-related appointments from their faculty adviser (as listed in UNCGenie). Dates, times, and deadlines for specific actions will be listed in this informative email.
  • After the deadline for uploading registration-related documents to the BOX electronic student folder, the faculty adviser will confirm scheduled appointments. Students should be on time for the appointment and be prepared to discuss their remaining requirements, as well as ask any questions relevant to the preparing for the upcoming semester.
  • The adviser will review the graduation plan with the student. Once it has been approved, students can obtain their registration pin–also called the advising code. This six-digit number is required in order for the student to register for courses. Each undergraduate students has a unique registration pin. Additionally, the registration pin changes each semester to encourage students to formally attend advising.

Sometimes students may obtain an error when attempting to register for a course. Students are encouraged to seek the assistance of the course instructor for overrides pertaining to a course. Public health course instructors and advisers have access to the list of admitted majors in order to facilitate a smooth override process. Any questions about overrides that cannot be answered by the course instructor should be directed to the Program Director.

Degree Evalutation

Prior to searching for courses and mapping a plan for the upcoming semester, students should thoroughly review their degree evaluation and academic transcript. When run correctly, the degree evaluation provides a snapshot of all the requirements that need to be satisfied in order for a student to graduate with their intended degree. Students who were admitted to UNCG prior to Fall 2014 will use the CAPP degree evaluation system. All other students will use the DegreeWorks degree evaluation. Look for any items marked as NO (CAPP degree evaluation) or missing a check mark (blue or red on DegreeWorks evaluation). These are outstanding requirements that need to be met, and they should be indicated as such on the graduation plan. Below are some resources to help with understanding how to interpret a DegreeWorks degree evaluation:

Graduation Plans

Public health majors are required to create a graduation plan. The graduation plan is used to outline which course requirements have been met, are in progress, still need to be met and when they will be completed. Students then revise the plan each semester. The graduation plan must be uploaded (and a PDF of the most recent degree evaluation) to the BOX student folder by the designated departmental deadline each semester.Select a blank graduation plan below or download and revise a former version from the BOX electronic student folder.

If you were admitted into the Health Studies program before fall 2015, click here (PDF) for your HSO Graduation plan.

Students can access their BOX folder by:

  1. Going to
  2. Using the same username and password as your UNCG email account to login
  3. Opening the blue folder with their name on it

***In order for documents to be viewed by faculty advisers, students MUST upload them into the blue folder with their name on it.***

Course Sequences

The core public health courses are sequenced and only available in the specific semesters as indicated on the course sequence.

If you were admitted to Health Studies prior to fall 2015, click here (PDF) for your course sequence.

Students who have been given permission to amend their curricular sequence should provide evidence of that decision when requesting an override. Students who do not have evidence will not be granted admission into a course. Further, those who have not been admitted into the major or who have been removed from the program will not be granted admission into the required public health courses.
Curriculuim Modification

To request a curriculum modification form click here .

PHE Student Travel Fund Form

The PHE Jobs Listserv is a moderated posting of public health education jobs. You will receive an email as jobs are posted. Additionally, by selecting “PHE Jobs” under Google Groups you can view an archive of positions previously posted.

Community Health Education (CHE) Students

  • E-portfolio guidelines: Updated guidelines coming shortly
  • E-portfolio rubric: Updated rubric coming shortly

Health Studies Online (HSO) Students

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