School of Health and Human Sciences

The Validity and Reliability of Professional Self-Concept in Nursing in Accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s Nursing Students

Thomas P. McCoy, Nancy Hoffart, Lynne P. Lewallen, Shemeka Thorpe (05/2020)

Background and Purpose Accelerated bachelor’s and master’s nursing students supported through the New Careers in Nursing program were surveyed ( n = 3,506) using subscales from Arthur’s Professional Self-Concept in Nursing Instrument (PSCNI). Reliability and validity of the instrument were assessed. Methods Factor analysis using a random split-half design were conducted and differences investigated based on characteristics. Results Four factors were revealed: leadership ( = .85), skill ( = .89), career positivity ( = .72), and career negativity ( = .72), with acceptable confirmatory fit. Gender and race/ethnicity differences were found in self-perceived leadership and skill and in career positivity by race/ethnicity. Accelerated bachelor’s and master’s students were different on skill and career positivity. Conclusions Self-perceived leadership, skill, career positivity, and career negativity are distinct PSCNI concepts.