School of Health and Human Sciences

Development of an international sexual and reproductive health survey instrument: results from a pilot WHO/HRP consultative Delphi process

Eneyi E. Kpokiri,* Dan Wu,*Jennifer T. Erausquin, et al. (01/2021)

Population health surveys are rarely comprehensive in addressing sexual health, and population-representative surveys often lack standardized measures for collecting comparable data across countries. We present a sexual health survey instrument and implementation considerations for population-level sexual health research. The brief, comprehensive sexual health survey and consensus statement was developed via a multi-step process (an open call, a hackathon, and a modified Delphi process). This is the first global consensus on a sexual and reproductive health survey instrument that can be used to generate cross-national comparative data in both high-income and LMICs. The inclusive process identified priority domains for improvement and can inform the design of sexual and reproductive health programs and contextually relevant data for comparable research across countries. Keywords: sexual health; survey instrument; population representative; global; crowdsourcing