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Professional Practice

Voices of Reproductive Justice

Contributers: Professor Christina Yongue, Professor Amanda Tanner, and students Hilda Midianga CHE,  Rebecca Eliassaint CHE,  Sulianie Mertus CHE PhD student, Elondra Harr, MPH student



The Voices of Reproductive Justice, in cooperation with UNCG's She Can We Can, Beyond the Women's Suffrage Centennial,  presented This is What Resilience Looks Like: The Power Art Activism and Healing Webinar, on Tuesday, April 13th. The panel consisted of Karen Anderson, Justice Advocate, Dr. Zitty Nxumalo, Creative Artistic Director of Zodwa Dance Co., Xavier Carrington, Visual Artist, and Keisha McKane, Chief Organizer Artists4Justice.

The guest panel was introduced by students from the Department of Public Health Education that included, Rebecca Eliassaint, Community Health Education and Dance Minor, Sulianie Mertus, Doctoral Student, and Elondra Harr, Masters Student.

Voices of Reproductive Justice Committee Co-chairs, Professor Christina Yongue and Professor Amanda Tanner coordinated and hosted this event. Professor Yongue and  Dr. Tanner serve as reproductive advocates in the Department of Public Health Education as well as in the community. Additionally, this webinar would not have been possible without the incredible coordinating work of Hilda Midianga, who is a graduating senior in the Community Health Education Concentration.  Hilda is completing her Health Education Internship with the Voices for Reproductive Planning Team.  There are 14 members of the Voices for Reproductive Planning Team. We appreciate their dedication in making this event possible.

If you were unable to attend this Voices of Reproductive Justice virtual event, we hope that you will enjoy the recording.  Want more?  Read, Mindfulness for Maternal Health and Reproductive Justice written by Elondra Harr, MPH student.

Health Equity Leadership During and Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis

Contributers: Panelists include Pam Diggs, MPH, Crystal Dixon, MPH, MCHES, NBC-HWC, and Cornell Wright, MPA and Leah Mayo as the moderator.



The presentation will focus on what our society is facing in terms of health and racial equity and what action we can take as individuals and organizations to address these disparities. The topics for discussion will include the history of health inequities, the current disparities related to COVID-19, and strategies you can take to be a leader in health equity to address these disparities. Panelists include Pam Diggs, Co-Founder & Principal, Renewed Pathways, Crystal Dixon, Assistant Professor, UNC-Greensboro, and Cornell Wright Executive Director, NC Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities with Leah Mayo, UNCW Center for Healthy Communities as moderator. This webinar is sponsored by NC SOPHE and the Region IV Public Health Training Center. The full presentation can be accessed by clicking the title above.

The Role of Race in Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Survivorship

Contributers: Samuel Cykert, MD, and Christina Yongue, MPH, MCHES



Samuel Cykert, MD, and Christina Yongue, MPH, MCHES, will discuss the role of race in cancer treatment and survivorship. Topics may include issues around bias, access to care, and addressing disparities with systematic interventions. Learning Objectives Include: 1. Describe Black-White Disparities in completion of treatment for stages 1 and 2 breast and lung cancer. 2. Describe how community should be involved in the prevention of disparities in cancer care. 3. Describe the difference between system-based and individual based interventions and how systematic intervention is most likely to attenuate structural racism. 4. Recognize how clinical informatics combined with human responsibility can provide the transparency and accountability to overcome systematic bias.