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Meredith Gringle

Meredith Gringle, Ph.D.
Director of Online Curricula
Office: 437 N Coleman Bldg.
Phone: 336-334-5879

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Brief Bio

Personal Introduction

I love spending time with my family and friends. I have a spoiled little dog and a penchant for “chick lit.”

Professional Profile

Dr. Meredith Gringle is committed to institutionally, programmatically, and interpersonally scaffolding the next generation of public health leaders. Dr. Gringle’s emphasis on co-construction and collaboration grounds her work with students, colleagues, and research. A qualitative researcher at heart, Dr. Gringle is interested in both illuminating and challenging hegemonic narratives of health as part of the justice work so foundational to public health. Dr. Gringle has taught broadly within the CHE, HSO, and MPH programs. She is proud to serve as both an adviser and mentor for both undergraduate and graduate students. Dr. Gringle is especially pleased to be part of online curricula development and assessment and to be part of our thriving community of online learners.

  • PhD in Community Health Education, University of North Carolina Greensboro
  • MPH in Community Health Education, University of North Carolina Greensboro
  • BA in Political Science & English Literature at McGill University

Class Schedule Fall 2022

  • HEA 339 – 01      Introduction to Public Health Education Practice
  • HEA 405 – 01     Program Planning and Evaluation
  • HEA 426 – 01     Internship Planning

Research Interests

Throughout my career, I have explored ways that hegemonic motherhood inflects care provision and maternal health: discursively, organizationally, and experientially. I am particularly interested in the ways that ideation about who and what makes a mother affects maternal health. My current research examines care provision for mothers and the “good” mothering trope with a particular focus on perinatal opioid use.

Both as part and independent of this current work, I am interested in how arts-based analyses (for me, particularly the use of poetry as part of data analyses) allow for the de/re/co-construction of knowledge and exploring interrogating knowledge formation and dissemination within organizations.

Current Projects

I work on a research team that examines substance exposed pregnancy. Our team includes interdisciplinary, inter-institutional faculty and PHE students. Together we are working on a grounded theory study that explores care provision around perinatal opioid use. Our second focus is on the role of intersectional stigma in conceptualizing, narrating, and treating pregnant women who use substances. Finally, we are examining structural stigma around substance exposed pregnancy and the implications for health policy and care.

Selected Publications

Nichols, T; Welborn, A.; Gringle, M. ; Lee, A. (Under Review.) Social stigma and perinatal substance use services: Recognizing the power of the good mother ideal. Contemporary Drug Problems.

Nichols, T. and Gringle, M. (In Press.) Role of bias in knowledge translation: Lessons learned from a dissemination of best Practices in maternal opioid use.Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions.

Gringle, M.R. (2015). Motherhood discourse as neoliberal project: Poem performances: “Declaration,” “Ode,” “Snare.” Feminist Studies, 41(3), 566-570.

Nichols, T.R., Biederman, D.J. & Gringle, M.R. (2014). Using research poetics “responsibly”: Applications for health promotion research. International Quarterly of Community Health Education, 35(1), 5-20.