School of Health and Human Sciences

3MT Competition finalist from the Department of Public Health Education.

Congratulations to our Public Health Education (PHE) graduate students, Nupur Sharma, Love Odetola, and Chamu Shanmugam for participating in this year’s UNCG 3MT Competition.

According to Regina McCoy, Associate Vice Provost for Retention & Student Success, the competition was incredibly high this year. “There were some strong contenders, but only eleven advanced to the Final Round of the UNCG 3MT Competition.”

For the first time at UNCG two PHE students, Odetola and Shanmugam, will advance to the final round!

Here is where you could help make this competition a little sweeter for one of our contestants:

On November 2, 2022, join us in the EUC Auditorium at 5 pm for the Fan’s Choice of the Night and cast your vote! One of our students has the opportunity to win $250 just by having their friends, family, colleagues, and professors in attendance and voting for them. That’s right! We could help one of our PHE Students who had the fortitude to condense their research to one slide and a 3-minute presentation win $250!

So lock in at the EUC Auditorium at 5 PM and support our finalist!

Thank you Nupar, Love, and Chamu for your outstanding job representing the UNCG Department of Public Health Education!


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