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Dear Colleagues,

As you might know, a recently publicized Greensboro Zoning Board meeting included an exchange between Dr. Carrie Rosario, AP Associate Professor of Public Health Education, and an appointed member of the Zoning Commission. We feel it is important to address this situation in support of Dr. Rosario and all of our faculty of color.

On Monday, April 19, Dr. Rosario addressed the Zoning Commission on how rezoning may impact her neighborhood community. In this exchange, Tony Collins, a member of the Zoning Commission, refused to address her as Dr. Rosario, despite repeated requests by Dr. Rosario (see video from WFMY News below).

The exchange, and its subsequent recording, was brought to the attention of the Greensboro City Council by Councilwoman Sharon Hightower. Hightower noted that Black women’s educational attainments are routinely minimized, and the incident was an example of disrespect by Collins, who was exercising his white privilege. Upon discussion, the City Council unanimously voted to remove Mr. Collins from the Zoning Commission.

The exchange between Dr. Rosario and Mr. Collins, and his removal by the City Council from the Zoning Commission, has received extensive exposure and has been featured in numerous national and international media outlets. As a result, Dr. Rosario has received “hate email” at her UNCG email address. The emails have been reported to ITS and the UNCG Police. Both are working to assist at this time and University Communications is assisting with media requests.

HHS values and promotes an academic environment in which anti-racism, diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and respect for all is demonstrated. We are intentionally working with renewed commitment to identify, discuss, and challenge racism and other intersecting forms of oppression that contribute to mistreatment and exclusion in our environment. HHS denounces any sexist, patriarchal, or racist expression or hate speech that may cause traumatic or emotional harm to any and all persons in our school.

HHS stands in solidarity with Dr. Rosario during this challenging time. Dr. Rosario is highly regarded as an expert in her field who is respected and loved here in the UNCG community. We recognize and value all educational accomplishments and contributions across all tracks of faculty and degree type.

Join me in reiterating that we value and respect Dr. Rosario as a professional, person, and colleague. Her earned doctorate is the highest terminal degree awarded in Public Health Education. By standing up for herself, defending her accomplishments, remaining calm yet assertive, she modeled grace and strength despite the situation spiraling into the public’s eye, well beyond what was expected. We can be proud our students have Dr. Rosario as a mentor and model.


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