School of Health and Human Sciences

Martinek, Tom Jr.

Tom Martinek Jr.
Instructor, Associate Director of Study Abroad and Exchange Programs
M.A. in Peace and Conflict Studies, UNCG (2012)

Brief Bio

Tom Martinek, Jr has taught Peace and Conflict Studies at UNCG since 2013. Tom earned his undergraduate degree in Cultural Anthropology and his MA in Peace and Conflict Studies, both at UNCG.

Tom has been working in UNCG’s International Programs Center since 2004 as Assistant Director of Study Abroad and Exchange Programs. Prior to coming to UNCG, he worked with an organization in Chicago that addressed issues of homelessness and social justice. He also helped to organize a similar organization in Morganton, NC that addressed the needs of the immigrant community there, as well as local issues related to labor and economic disparity.

Tom has also had several leadership roles within the field of International Education at both the state and national level. He is particularly interested in the role that international education plays in peacebuilding and the impact these experiences have on students in developing capacities to understand and address issues of peace and social justice. He facilitates workshops with students and other staff and professionals on intercultural development and skill building.