School of Health and Human Sciences

Joe Cole

Joe Cole, Ph.D.
AP Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Philosophy from Duke University (1994)
Office: 1510 Walker, room 414
Phone: 336-334-4781
Curriculum Vitae

Office Hours

Tuesday: 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm, or by appointment

Classes Taught

  • PCS 308: Interpersonal Conflict
  • PCS 309: Conflict & Culture
  • PCS 311: Conflict Research
  • PCS 318: Managing Conflicts in Professional Contexts
  • PCS 415: Global Peacebuilding
  • PCS 600x: War and Peace in the Modern World
  • PCS 607: Conflict Analysis
  • PCS 676: Peace Development and Community Building

Brief Bio

Joe Cole is an Academic Professional Assistant Professor in the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies at UNCG.

He is a trained Facilitator and supports communities and non-profit organizations in developing cooperative skills, nonviolent communication, collaborative governance, and conflict transformation. Joe is also a speaker, trainer, and consultant working with ecovillages and intentional communities in North Carolina and around the country.

Research Interests

Research and teaching interests include:

  • Ecovillages and Intentional Communities
  • The Morality of War, Just War theory, and Pacifism
  • Conflict Resolution and TransformationVirtue Ethics
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Sustainable Development and Peacebuilding
  • Critical Theory
  • Social Justice and Racial Equity
  • Continental Philosophy
  • Facilitation
  • Collaborative Governance Systems
  • Social and Environmental Healing and Resilience

Selected Publications

  • Cole, J., Horton, H., & Pini, M. (2019). Culture change or same old society? consensus, sociocracy, and white supremacy culture. Communities, 184(184), 53-56.C
  • Cole, J. (2018). Skill building for a culture of collaboration. Communities, 181(181), 40-44.
  • Cole, J. (2018). I’m not a racist, but racism is in me-and in my community. Communities, 178(178), 31-35.
  • Gibbons, L., Cole, J., Thomson, H., & T. Dijgraf. (2017). Hart’s Mill Ecovillage and Regenerative Sustainability: A Case Study. Gaia Education Design For Sustainability Program.
  • Cole, J. (2015). Studying war and contributing to community. In Julinna Oxley and Ramona Ilea (Eds.), Experiential learning in philosophy p. 179-188. New York: Routledge
  • Cole, J., & Leanza, S. (2014). I built my house on a volcano: Mi casa en el volcán (M. Silvia, Trans.). Carrboro, NC: Wander Bear Press.