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Opportunities: International

A U.S. Institute of Peace survey showed that 85% of peacebuilding professionals studied or worked abroad.

Exchange Programs

The department focuses on internationalization, consistent with UNCG’s mission. Our students study abroad and global experiences are incorporated into class readings, discussions, and projects. Community engagement is fostered here in Guilford County and around the globe.

UNCG Department of Peace and Conflict Studies International Opportunities: Costa Rica, Northern Ireland, Molmo Sweden, Linnoeus Sweden, South Africa, Konstanz Germany, Australia

Student Experiences:

Leanne works with very young children (3-11yo) in peace education, cultural awareness food justice, and also takes freelance assignments in documentary video and socio-political blog writing. She holds a BA in Child Development, with a concentration in child rights, a BS in Spanish, and is on leave-of-absence from a MA program in Peace & Conflict Studies in order to pursue a MIS in Peace & Conflict Resolution from the University of Queensland, Australia through a Rotary Peace Fellowship.  Read more about her Rotary Experience by visiting her blog.


  • In 2009, she took an internship that had her embedded with migrant farmworking families in Southeastern United States. Through this experience she developed a better understanding of the intersections between food access, migration and conflict.
  • Using documentary arts, oral history, and creative nonfiction- Leanne continues to advocate for and ally with local and international groups to share healing and re-conciliatory narratives. Her work has taken her to Costa Rica, Mexico and Colombia and highlights the effects of transnational corporations and policies on violence, scarcity and immigration.
  • Another experience that impacted her direction was a week-long full-immersion conflict simulation, staged through a collective of universities’ Peace & Conflict Masters Degree programs.
  • In this, participants were required to design and build a humanitarian space in an active conflict zone, manage wounded and cholera-stricken refugees, and negotiate with government agents, military officials, prison wardens and leaders of an opposition militia group. In this, Leanne realized a passion for emergency management, and a focus on stabilization and safety of women and children in fragile zones.
  • The mother of two young boys, Leanne can often be found climbing trees, riding bicycles and all-around adventuring. In her “spare” time, she writes and is in the process of editing a memoir.

Issifou will be working extensively with the Peace Corps Volunteering Program, he will be working in Education in Burkina Faso (West Africa) for two years starting from June 24, 2016.
His main tasks will consist of:
1- Teaching English (as foreign language because Burkina Faso is a French-Speaking country)Peace Corpsissifou
2- Raising Gender Awareness (Gender Equity) in Schools and in the Community.
3- Engaging community participation in the School Community and facilitate extracurricular activities such as tutoring, clubs and camps to help improve students literacy, academic achievement and leadership skills, gender equity, in primary and junior high schools.
For the extracurricular activities there is no specified ones by the Peace Corps. The group will choose as many activities as they can run, on their own in consultation with students and the community members.
Why Study PCS Abroad?
“In a globalized world, conflict does not know national borders. Students who major in Peace and Conflict Studies will become global citizens, able to navigate complex and cross-cultural relations around the world. An important piece of our field is experiential learning through immersing yourself in another educational environment. Study abroad offers a wonderful opportunity to get hands-on experiences in another culture which will deepen your education when you return to UNCG.”
-Dr. Tom Matyok, Adjunct Professor, Peace and Conflict Studies

Exchange Programs:


University of Konstanz


Graduate student participants of the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies have an opportunity to study and work in Germany at the University of Konstanz during a semester-long exchange. Undergraduate semester abroad options are also available. For more information, click here.


University of Ulster

Belfast Murals

INCORE (International Conflict Research Institute) is a joint program offered by the University of Ulster and the United Nations University. INCORE offers a MSc in Peace in Conflict Studies program. Coursework includes theoretical issues surrounding peace and conflict study and mixes comparative peace and conflict studies with country– and region-specific focuses.


Linnaeus University

campus_vaxjoLinnaeus University has a Peace and Development Studies program. The program is an excellent match for UNCG’s Peace and Conflict Studies coursework.

Malmo University

Malmo University has a Peace and Conflict Studies program that mirrors UNCG’s Peace and Conflict Studies Program.


University of Stellenbosch

South AfricaThe Learning for Sustainability and Community Engagement Program (LSCE) is an experiential learning and community engagement program offered by the Postgraduate and International Office of the university. Coursework of this program includes community development, global citizenship, social justice, violence, restorative justice and much more.


University of Western Sydney

Western SydneyThe University of Western Sydney has a Peace and Development Studies program that offers courses similar to PCS 212, PCS 305, PCS 308, and possibly more.

Australian Catholic University

Australian CatholicACU has an undergraduate program in International Development Studies. The program offers coursework that is similar to PCS 205, PCS 212, and PCS 305.


University of Copenhagen

DenmarkThe department of Sociology offers a Conflict and Peacemaking in divided Societies course that is similar to PCS 212 and PCS 305.


Transcend USA partners with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Its mission is to bring about a more peaceful world by offering education/training and research to transform conflicts nonviolently.

For general study abroad questions, contact the International Programs Center (IPC) by calling (336) 334-5404 or stop by 207 Foust to schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor.

Graduate students interested in student exchange or dual degree program should contact Ali Askerov, Director of Graduate Study, at

Undergraduate students wanting to do a global exchange should contact Jeremy Rinker, Director of Undergraduate Study, at