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International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education (CRE)

International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education (CRE)
Developing and Implementing Culturally Inclusive Conflict Resolution Education Policies and Practices in K-12 and Higher Education
June 11 – 16, 2014
Hosted by George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA


Join George Mason University’s Undergraduate Program in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict, and schools, colleges, universities and governmental and non-governmental organizations around the globe at the International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education June 11th – 16th, 2014 in Fairfax, Virginia.  Past conferences draw audiences from more than 28 countries.  This year’s conference focuses on culturally inclusive CRE related policies and practices that are being applied at a local level, such as within individual schools, colleges, or universities, and at a more macro level, within countries. The work highlighted takes into consideration the various important aspects of cultural identity specific to the communities in which the policies and practices are implemented, including but not limited to issues of  race, religion, socio-economic status, ethnicity, age, ability, gender, and/or sexual orientation.  The conference includes: pre-conference trainings on June 11th and 12th; top keynote speakers in the field and workshops on June 13th and 14th; special events for colleges and universities on the evening of June 12th , and an intensive seminar for colleges and universities developing or enhancing their peace and conflict resolution programs on June 15th – 16th. In particular, this conference provides a range of valuable presentations for colleges and universities interested in the field of Conflict Resolution Education with graduate credit available.

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