School of Health and Human Sciences

Peace and Conflict Studies Hosts Fulbright Scholar

The Department of Peace and Conflict Studies is pleased to host Dr. Shona Munro of the Royal New Zealand Police College as a visiting Fulbright Scholar during the Fall of 2020. Dr. Munro’s visit is the latest development from interdisciplinary research programs led by Drs. Emily Janke and Jeremy Rinker and in collaboration with Dr. Michael Hemphill (Kinesiology).

Dr. Munro’s research with the New Zealand Police focuses on exploring learning and development programs that support innovative practices to engage minority populations. She will work with colleagues at UNCG to understand how culturally competent practices can be employed in a context such as Greensboro. Her work will help department leaders connect with Greensboro police to discuss innovations in crime reduction and justice reform initiatives.  Dr. Munro will work to introduce UNCG students to pathways for developing international research agendas.

Simultaneously, Peace and Conflict Studies is partnering with the Department of Kinesiology to host Dr. Barrie Gordon (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand). Dr. Gordon is a collaborator with Drs. Hemphill and Janke and is co-author of the research on “Restorative Youth Sports.” Students will have opportunities to connect with Dr. Gordon to learn about how to promote peace and prevent conflicts in the contexts of schools.