School of Health and Human Sciences

Dr. Melissa Floyd-Pickard Awarded Funding!

Photo of Dr. Melissa Floyd-PickardPCS Interim Department Chair Dr. Melissa R. Floyd-Pickard (Social Work) received new funding from the Guilford County Department of Public Health for the project “Expansion of the GCSTOP Program in Guilford County.” Dr. Jay Poole is co-principal investigator investigator on the project.

According to the abstract, the Guilford County Solutions To the Opioid Problem program (GCSTOP) is a program created by Guilford County, in concert with UNC Greensboro to provide rapid response services (i.e., post reversal follow up) to individuals who overdose or are at the risk of overdose.

The project will expand the programs current capacity to positively impact opioid misuse by increasing access to harm reduction strategies. Requested funding will be used to increase the sites for the current post-reversal program, add staffing resources to the existing syringe exchange program, and provide services to justice-involved citizens with substance use disorder.