What is PAAD2?

PAAD2 expands upon our previous research in PAAD in which we demonstrated that people with a family history of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) experienced improvements in memory in association with an 8-month exercise program and irrespective of their genetic risk for AD. In PAAD2, we use an experimental design to establish if this is a causal relationship and to further explore whether or not genetic risk impacts the effects.

If you qualify to participate in PAAD2, you will receive a FREE 12-MONTH VIRTUAL ZOOM-BASED PHYSICAL ACTIVITY PROGRAM or be asked to maintain your normal lifestyle and later receive a FREE SHORT-TERM YMCA MEMBERSHIP (or equivalent).

Please note that in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed safety protocols for testing and will be using virtual exercise sessions. We are still collecting names of potential participants and value your interest!



Jenny Etnier

Project Coordinator: Shonda Mobley
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jennifer Etnier
Phone: (336) 334-4765
Email: paad2@uncg.edu