HHS Office of Research

School of Health and Human Sciences

Providing exceptional support services to facilitate faculty success with research

Revised Schedule due to COVID 19

Our office will continue to operate at full capacity. However, no more than 40% of staff will  be in the office at a time, to maintain social distance guidelines. Zoom meetings and limited face-to-face meetings may be arranged. We continue to fully support you and the HHS research enterprise.

About the Office of Research

The HHS Office of Research supports and encourages faculty research and scholarship across its many academic disciplines, which reflect the School’s mission and are central to the health and well-being of individuals, children, families and the community.

A close working relationship with HHS research staff can be indispensable when preparing and submitting proposals for external funding. The office staff welcomes suggestions from faculty about innovative ways to promote scholarship within HHS. Researchers are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the support services provided by the Office of Research, as outlined on these pages.

The level of support in the Office of Research reflects the Dean’s strong commitment to the research enterprise.

Vision & Mission

The HHS Office of Research is a community of scholars engaged in exemplary programs of funded research and distinguished scholarship.

Our Mission provide exceptional unit-based support services that facilitate faculty success with research development, grant submission and management and scholarly productivity.