School of Health and Human Sciences

treadmill research

Current studies

  • Investigating the association between dietary intakes, inflammation markers, and markers of circulating, functional and storage iron among overweight and obese individuals in a cross-sectional study.
    Contact:  Seth Armah
  • Food insecurity and health outcomes among immigrants and refugee populations.
    Contact: Jigna Dharod
  • Micronutrients and brain development and function.
    Contact: Keith Erikson
  • How high fat diets and stress change brain chemistry to drive eating behaviors.
     Contact: Steve Fordahl
  • Nutrition interventions for low-income, diverse families.
    Contact: Lauren Haldeman
  • Nutrient-gene regulation of bone metabolism.
     Contact: Deborah Kipp
  • Impact of a food environment intervention aimed at increasing accessibility to healthy foods on dietary behaviors.
    Contact: Jared McGuirt
  • Molecular mechanisms mediating hyperplastic obesity and cancer.
    Contact: Ron Morrison
  • Bioactive factors, nutrients, and access to expressed human milk through donor milk banking and peer milk sharing.
    Contact: Maryanne Perrin
  • Child nutrition and childhood obesity with emphasis on parental factors that influence dietary intake and food availability in low-income families; nutrition & exercise; body image & body esteem in children.
    Contact: Lenka Shriver