School of Health and Human Sciences

The planned program length is 9-12 months and includes a minimum of 1000 supervised practice hours, completed via part-time campus-based alternate supervised experiences (up to 200 hours) and full-time supervised practice hours completed in the work setting (800  hours).  The campus-based experience lasts for 10 weeks from approximately mid-August to mid-October.

Dietetic interns will be placed in their first rotation in the work setting after completion of these 10 weeks of part-time alternate supervised experiences which include simulation, role-playing and case studies.  The typical time frame for an intern’s placement in her/his first work setting rotation is between November and January.  All work setting rotation start and end dates are determined by the supervised practice sites.

While intern preferences may be noted and/or considered during the site placement process, the UNCG DI program is unable to guarantee site placement start and end dates.  Interns placed in the work setting starting in November generally complete program requirements in May while interns who begin in January generally complete the program in July.