School of Health and Human Sciences

The following Nutrition students participated in the virtual Undergraduate and Graduate Research Expos.

Undergraduate Research and Creativity Expo 2020

Undergraduate research Expo

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Amanda Douglas
Mahonia aquifolium as a New Drug Lead for MRSA
Advised by Nadja Cech

Graduate Showcase of Scholarship 2020

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Linda Friend
Impact of Milk Banking Processes on the Fat Content of Donor Human Milk
Advised by Maryanne T. Perrin

Sydeena Isaacs
Federal Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC): Experiences in Rural Appalachian North Carolina
Advised by Lenka Shriver

Melissa Totten
The Influence of Sex and Genetics on Behavior and Hippocampus Neurobiology due to Diet-Induced Obesity
Advised by Keith Erikson