School of Health and Human Sciences

UNCG Sports Nutrition Dietetic interns have the opportunity to work alongside performance dietitian, Madeleine Meinhold, MS, RDN on various nutrition projects and initiatives for 17 division 1 teams.

Interns have provided student-athletes with

  • performance nutrition team talks
  • cooking demos and nutrition events
  • performance plate construction and education
  • direct access to fueling support through the fueling station, to help student-athletes enhance their overall health and performance

Additionally, Dietetic interns

  • assist with student-athlete body composition testing via the Bod Pod
  • post-practice recovery nutrition
  • 1:1 performance nutrition consults
  • developing educational materials for teams and for social media

Dietetic interns will also interact professionally with athletic
trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and other ICA staff.

Prior to working with student-athletes, all dietetic interns receive a sports nutrition training and access to various resources to support their sports nutrition work.

See the Sports Nutrition promotional flyer (PDF) for more information.