HHS Administrative Support Associate Mary Ann Sensebaugh to Retire May 31, 2021


It is with great sadness, yet warm wishes that we, in the School of Health and Human Sciences, announce the retirement of Mary Ann Sensebaugh, our dear and dedicated administrative support associate in the HHS (formerly Health and Human Performance, HHP) Dean’s Office. Mary Ann’s last day is Monday, May 31, after 27 years of service to UNCG. We will celebrate Mary Ann and her years of service to HHS on Wednesday, May 26, at 10:30 a.m., in a socially distanced event on the UNCG Quad.

“Mary Ann has provided a lifetime of service and devotion to UNCG and the School of Health and Human Sciences,” said HHS Dean Carl Mattacola. “She has been a key member in the transition and growth of the School. Her work, love, and dedication to HHS has touched and influenced the lives of thousands of students, staff, and faculty.”

Mary Ann’s quick wit, historical knowledge, and willingness to help anyone who stopped by the HHP/HHS Dean’s suite made her a favorite not only in the HHS community, but across campus. In addition to her work duties, Mary Ann enjoyed serving as a unit rep for the SECC campaign.

“Mary Ann has been the heart and soul of the HHS Dean’s office, so while we are celebrating her retirement, we also know that she will continue to be intricately involved in our lives,” said Charles Dent, HHS assistant dean for academic administration. “With her warm demeanor, kind heart, diversified life experiences, and world-famous candy bowl, Mary Ann has been a member of our families both professionally and personally – exchanging stories, healing hearts, laughing till it hurt, and supporting each other through births, deaths, and all life experiences in between.”

To say Mary Ann will be missed is a vast understatement. HHS – and UNCG – is not just losing an employee, but more like a family member.

“Mary Ann is truly an amazing, compassionate, and caring woman with the unique capacity to bring out the best in everyone around her,” Charles said. “Our sadness is selfish, for we will miss seeing Mary Ann every day, but we wish her all the world’s happiness in her retirement (and beg her not to take the candy bowl!).”

Please join us on Wednesday, May 26, from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the UNCG Quad (outside of the Shaw building) to bid a fond farewell to Mary Ann. Light refreshments will be served and attendees will have the opportunity to make brief, informal remarks.

Please RSVP at this link by Friday, May 21.

Thank you in advance for following social distancing protocols and safety precautions at this event.

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