Living Learning Community

Reynolds residence hall

About the Community

Join the HHS Living Learning Community (LLC), where you can be with other UNCG students who are interested in health sciences careers.

The LLC houses 44 people on one co-ed floor in Reynolds Hall.
As a member of the LLC, you can explore different career opportunities in the health professions at the university and majors within the School of Health and Human Sciences.

You can also:

  • Meet with faculty in different departments
  • Receive exclusive academic support and tutoring for your rigorous science courses
  • Connect with your academic advisor during advising hours in the student lounge
  • Access internship and job shadowing opportunities
  • Connect with HHS alumni

We have dedicated programming including: pizza with the Dean of the School of Health and Human Sciences, lunch with faculty, and game nights.

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Why the Living Learning Community?

Living in the LLC, you will find your future health professions colleagues, and will be among peers, faculty, and advisors who will support and mentor you as you make your journey through UNCG and to your ultimate career goals.

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Benefits of a Living Learning Community

  • To create a positive and impactful transition from high school to college.
  • To build a sense of belonging and connectedness to UNCG and the School of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) faculty and staff.
  • To promote academic excellence by developing study skills, concentration, and strategies.
  • To facilitate ongoing education and exploration for potential majors, careers, and services in the health professions.

Did You Know?

  • Retention and graduation rates are typically higher for students who participate in Living Learning Communities.
  • Integration into campus culture and exposure to faculty and programmatic aims in health and human sciences are more prevalent in the HHS Living Learning Community.