Announcing SWELL, or Social Workers Engaging Local Libraries

SWELL, or Social Workers Engaging Local Libraries, is a local initiative created as a partnership between the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and North Carolina A&T State University Joint Master of Social Work Program and the Greensboro Central Library. Our mission is to advocate for individuals and groups, who are seeking assistance and supportive services by utilizing resources provided within the community. We strive to do this through the use of collaborative partnerships with other community organizations.

We realize that many of the clients’ that social workers engage with utilize library sites and services in order to access public resources, seek emotional help from library staff, and gain information about local organizations. Libraries exist as centers for activity and often act as safe havens for many of our clients.

SWELL Project is located within the Greensboro Central Library to bring free and accessible service to a setting where many clients will have better access. At SWELL Project, assistance will be provided by way of locating community resources, talk therapy, and supportive counseling. SWELL Project is also dedicated to creating a resource pantry to be located within the library and made available to community members who may need them. Here we hope to store items such as bookbags, winter clothing, toiletries, and nonperishable food items. We will also be introducing our SWELL Kits to community members in need which we hope to include masks, toiletries, and sanitation supplies.

SWELL Project is open from Wednesday to Friday. Our hours are 10 am until 6pm. We accept both scheduled meetings and walk-in client appointments.

We look forward to establishing relationships with other organizations, their faculty members, and clients. We also appreciate and offer any assistance that can be provided for or by this initiative.

SWELL Flyer (pdf)

SWELL Donations Flyer (pdf)

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