Transfer Policy

The Joint Master of Social Work Program will grant academic credit for up to 6 hours of generalist coursework completed at another CSWE-accredited MSW program.

Transfers from non-accredited MSW programs, or graduate programs in other disciplines, are not accepted.

Requests for transfer course credit from another CSWE-accredited MSW program must meet the following criteria:

  1. The student requesting credit for coursework completed at another CSWE-accredited MSW program must be admitted to the JMSW program prior to approval of a request for transfer credit. However, admission to the JMSW program does not guarantee approval of transfer credits.
  2. Upon admission the student may request a review of course(s) taken in another CSWE-accredited MSW program to determine whether the course(s) may be transferred for credit. Coursework must be in the MSW generalist curriculum and must have been completed within the five-year period preceding admission to the JMSW program.
  3. A minimum course grade of B must have been earned in each course by the student requesting transfer credit.
  4. All requests for transfer credit must meet the requirements of the Graduate School of North Carolina A&T State University or the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, depending upon which school is administering the admissions process at the time of the request.
  5. When requesting consideration for transfer credit, a student must submit a letter of request to the JMSW Program Director which identifies the course(s) for which transfer credit is requested, a copy of the course description from the official catalog of the university where the course was taken, a copy of the course syllabus, and an official transcript showing the grade earned.
  6. Within the above guidelines, students may request consideration for transfer credit for any JMSW generalist course with the exception of SOWK/SWK 624, Social Work Practice and Human Diversity. All students must complete this course during their enrollment in the JMSW program.
  7. Advanced Standing Students cannot transfer course credits from any other MSW program into the JMSW Advanced Standing Program.

JMSW faculty in the relevant curriculum area will review the request for transfer credit based on review of the submitted materials, including the course syllabus, grade received, and possible consultation with the university where the course(s) were previously taken. Students will be informed in writing of the faculty decision.

Students may appeal the decision of the faculty to the Director of the Joint Master of Social Work Program. Each course for which transfer credit is requested will be reviewed independently in a timely fashion.

No coursework in the specialization curriculum may be transferred from another institution.