Human Development and Family Studies

School of Health and Human Sciences

General Admission Requirements

Students applying to the HDFS Early Childhood Online Degree Completion Program must meet the following requirements:

  • Completed a 2-year Applied Associates (AAS) degree in Early Childhood at a North Carolina Community College
  • Students must complete an online undergraduate admissions application and be accepted to the university declaring this major and concentration to be considered as pre-HDF majors.
  • Students must apply to the UNCG-HDFS department using the secondary admissions process to be admitted as an HDFS major (which is required before enrollment in upper level courses). Students who meet credit hour, overall GPA criteria, and perform well in key major courses will be admitted on a space available basis.
  • Other Requirements (PDF)

Technical Requirements

This is an online degree completion program. The program includes both synchronous (meeting at a specific time through the computer with cameras and headsets) and asynchronous courses. Given the nature of the program is it required that all students have the following:

  • Regular access to a computer with internet access
  • A webcam
  • A computer microphone and headset

For information about computer requirements see Technical Requirements (PDF)