Human Development and Family Studies

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Associate Professor
Dept. of Human Development and Family Studies
147 Stone Bldg.

School of Health and Human Sciences
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Greensboro NC 27402-6170 USA
Phone: 336 484 1856
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Research Interests

My research interests focus on adults and older persons. I examine how familial and societal contexts influence health and well being over the life course, especially among ethnic minority immigrants and refugees in the US. I am also interested in how participatory arts affects wellbeing among seniors with cognitive symptoms.

I look at gender differences in health care use and health outcomes in India. Most of my work is interdisciplinary, and is based on Community Engaged Participatory Action Research methodology. For more information about my work, please click on the appropriate part of the image below.

I welcome graduate and undergraduate students interested in the associations between Family Relationships and Health, and those who want to gain exposure to community-engaged approaches and mixed research methods. Please contact me if you are interested in my ongoing projects or in my research group.


ARTmail for Alzheimer’s is a partnership project between The Creative Aging Network (CANNC) and the Department of Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS). Follow the link on the green figure below for more information. Also see this page: ARTmail for Alzheimer’s page.

Montagnard Hypertension Research Project

This community-engaged, multi-disciplinary, participatory project examines how family relationships are related to cardiovascular health among adults in an ethnic minority refugee community in the Greensboro area. We partner with community members, other UNCG Departments (PHE, NTR), and other area higher education institutions. Please click the Blue link in the figure below for an overview.

how areas of my work come together

CV montagnard hypertension project art mail project