School of Health and Human Sciences

Arthur D. Anastopoulos

Arthur Anastopoulos, PhD
Professor, Director of ADHD Clinic
PhD, Purdue University
Phone: (336) 346-3196
Curriculum Vitae

Brief Bio

I am currently in the first year of a 3-year phased retirement. Although I will no longer be admitting new graduate students, I remain open to serving on thesis and dissertation committees of students whose research could benefit from my knowledge of atypical development and from my expertise in applied research. I remain very active in publishing papers from two large data sets that my colleagues and I have collected from our NIH-funded multi-site longitudinal investigation of college students with and without ADHD, and from our IES-funded multi-site randomized controlled trial examining the efficacy of our ACCESS intervention for college students with ADHD. My future research plans include submitting a grant application proposing to adapt our ACCESS intervention for online delivery to community college student populations.

Please see our webpage for additional information about ACCESS.